Welcome to the CAD Online Application System

This site allows you to apply for classification of a TVC or Infomercial, submit an ad for a pre-production pre-check and review the status of the ads you and your agency have submitted to CAD.
Using the Online Application System is easy:
Step 1: Confirm your contact details and provide information about your ad/s
Step 2: Answer the declaration questions
Step 3: Upload copies of your script/s, substantiation and material
Step 4: Confirm payment details
Once you have completed your application a summary will be sent to your email address. The details will also appear in your Job List page. The Job List page tracks the status of your application and informs you of any further actions required before your application can be completed.
You need to be a registered user to apply for classification. If you are already registered, please log in above, otherwise click here to Register.
CAD must receive ALL materials at least two (2) working days prior to your ‘Required by’ date. Ads containing complex claims and infomercials will take longer. Processing of submissions received after 5pm will commence the following day, unless same day classification has been pre-arranged with CAD.
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